Saturday, 5 December 2015

First day off in ages...

Oh my, today was stinky hot.  Too hot to move.  No complaints from me.
So we were pretty apathetic today... a mixture of heat and general exhaustion.
November was off the charts - in terms of crazy busy.  It's been like that for as long as I can remember.  But today was our first day off in ages.  No agenda, no rules, no have to's or must do's. Just nothing.  It felt pretty awesome.

Around 5.30pm we decided to head out for a walk on the beach to cool down.
It was such a gorgeous evening, warm, calm and visually stunning.
Cape Town was showing off big time today.  Here are some beautiful captures from our walk.

Love that I get gaps to steal some lomography images for my gratitude project.

That hair... Those eyes                                                             This view

What a gorgeous evening walk... on the walk way, beach and rail tracks.
We were having fun walking together and chillaxing.  Long overdue.

Our photographers taking charge of capturing us.

Nothing makes me happier than my greens.
Great way to end the evening.

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