Sunday, 20 December 2015

We have arrived safely...

We arrived safely at our destination.

People often ask why we return to the same place, year after year - 
that life is too short to do the same thing and that we should try new things...

Well the truth is, our lives are all about moving, about change, about growing, about pushing harder to do things differently, to do them better.  It's ever-moving and we are busy people.  But as we opened the gates to Sweet, Sweet, Beautiful Butterfly Cottage, the excitement and joy flooded all of us at the same time, as we embraced the familiarity, the comfort of our "home away from home" - I understood perfectly why we keep coming back....

It's the promise and expectation of the beautiful memories we made here before and that we will make this time, the promise and expectation of healing and beautiful rest.  Yes, we must return to something constant, something familiar because it's in the constant that find the quiet reassurance, that everything is going to be okay.  A small part of me never wants to stop coming here because we have found something uniquely ours here.... time!

Precious, beautiful, quiet, sacred... time.


  1. wishing you a tender, restful and gentle time in your magic holiday place my friend! with loads and loads of love to you all <3

    1. thank you my friend. We had the best time. Time is always so sacred to me. So having it makes me so happy! Hope you had a beautiful time too.