Friday, 4 December 2015

Schools out...

It was a Happy Friday - not only was it break up day but I also got to nap for a few hours {bliss}.
It's the end of our school year.  And it couldn't have come at a better time.
We are more than a little tired, all of us.

I was so keen to start a new piece of art.
And I grabbed my last canvas piece... Eeeeck, I need to get to the art shop!

And I had so much fun with this little piece.
Corks and I sat up painting until midnight, a perfect way to start off the school holidays... creatively.
I love painting with my girl.  Our styles are completely unique.  We know we want to paint something together but are a little nervous because of this fact.
But we are definitely going to give it a bash these holidays.

I'm still experimenting with hands and I think this piece might have the most hands I've done on a piece.  We continue to journey together.  But for the first time, they are feeling part of my pieces and part of me and I'm not feeling so completely overwhelmed by them.

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