Thursday, 10 December 2015

It is the silly season...

I've been crazy busy at work - it's our filming season and every December,
without fail pushes us to the edge to get all the crew paid up and early before Christmas... 
this year is no different.

As much as as I've been pushing hard there, life has been crazy busy on all other fronts too.

While Kitty was at a sleepover with her friends, the 3 of us popped to a Christmas market together.
It was a lovely summer evening thing to do.  Love this girl so much.

Thursday afternoon Kitty had a party on the beach and Corks had a dinner date with her friends.
The day was so incredibly perfect that we decided to have an impromptu dinner on the beach when we collected her.  Nothing quite beats a Sushi picnic on the beach.  It was rather nice having each girl separately on different evenings.  It doesn't often happen like that - a delightful treat.

What an incredible evening!  Not a breath of wind.  Warm.  This is my best kind of day.
Literally, all I could manage to do was lie on the blankets.  Even talking was too difficult.
I'm physically and mentally fatigued but I couldn't think of a better thing to do, to unwind.

We stayed until all the beautiful color drained away.
As soon as the sun was gone, the temperature dipped and I was ready for home.

Stealing moments to breath.

PS:  We got the girls reports and they both passed beautifully and each promoted to their new grades.  Hard to believe I will have a daughter in her final year of school in a few weeks.  Digz starts teaching her to drive these holidays... well lots to manage and look forward to next year.... yikes.

Is it just me or am I seriously holding my breath over here?
Can we please just stop the clocks?
Just a little.

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