Thursday, 31 December 2015

Birthday Girl...

Sweet #17 is her number today!!!
Sometimes I have to pinch myself that she's been part of our lives that long.  She has seriously made the last 17 years nothing short of remarkable.  We are totally besotted with our birthday girl.
And today we are totally celebrating her life.  Good and proper.
We planned this day months ago, from her gift to the day!

Watching her develop into such a beautiful young lady has blown our hearts wide open.
That in amongst the fact that this is our last Christmas with her in school.  She's about to embark on her final year of school... which is pretty much 6 months left of physical school.  Part of her birthday gift was her Driver's Licence book, she will get her temporary licence now and she will start learning to drive when we get home.  On a whole, we just wanted this birthday to stand out for her... next year this time - who knows???

We are in for a massive year ahead - we spent some time these holidays talking and planning.  I'm trying not to get totally overwhelmed but embrace what comes for all of us this coming year.
I'm excited/nervous but above all, extremely proud of this being.

This was the start of her precious day - we had more treats planned for her.
Being a New Years Eve baby isn't always easy... but today was going to be uber special.

I think this may be the sweetest little video I have ever taken.
It makes me tear up every time.

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