Saturday, 19 December 2015

Happy holidays....

Photo Credit - Kitty.  Model - Corks.  Location - The Park.

Digz and I finished working this week.  And I can't tell you how that has made us feel.
There has been much excitement in the house.
There has been much to sort out the past two days but I'm happy to report we are all packed and ready to go.  And you know you are going to have fun, when your activity bag is bigger than your clothing bag.

This week I managed to finish all my packaging of paintings and do my final send off for the year.
It was a big job.   But it's always such a joy for me.

Thank you for all the love and support in my little shop this past week - I can't tell you how much that has meant to me.  Hope all your packages arrive soon and that they will be a real treat to you!

These beautiful two got dropped off at their foster home today, while we are away.
Saying goodbye is never easy.  We are going to miss them terribly.
As for my Sandy girl, she has been my constant companion and today she didn't leave my side.
She even sat on my chair, right behind my back while I painted... sweet girl.

Playing it forward...

I gladly donated 11 framed up prints to Susan Burgess...
"An Altruistic Art Auction for Africa" - Uganda to be specific.
Susan has been auctioning off pieces to raise money for an Art Centre for Ugandan children.
She's done incredibly well.  You can find her group on Facebook if you want to support her cause.

Thank you <3

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