Thursday, 31 December 2015

Tree hopping...

For the birthday celebrations - we decided to adventure again... this time Tree Top Hopping.

Dig booked this a while ago as a total surprise for the girls, to celebrate Cork's birthday.
It's right up her adventurous alley.  The excitement was tangible.  My nerves, edgy.
I'm glad to say my girls don't have my "fear of height" genes.
I knew once I started this Tree Top Canopy tour there was no turning back or getting down, I had to see it through.  And see it through, I did.   At times I wanted to say a choice word or two and I am not going to lie, I cried a little at one point.  Dig said I was as white as a sheet.  But all in all I made it without embarrassing myself or them.  Lurching myself of the edge of anything 30m above the ground... well I'm never gonna find that a breeze.

But putting my brave on to be with my girls - I will do that again and again.
Funny enough, after the full 10 jumps - I thought now I'm ready to go again - it got easier as I went on.  Best of all they had the best time and the view were incredible.
Both my girls... adventure junkies.

Kitty encouraging me.

Will share a video clip soon.

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