Thursday, 3 October 2013

Life through our lens...

The last week or so has been so beautiful, with #SpringInTheAir - we just wanted to get OUT and ABOUT!!!!
So we didn't waste a moment of it... 
With Corks becoming an avid little photographer -
she's a great companion to help capture precious moments... 
with a few of mine in between.
Corks got this wonderful capture of her sister.
I love every single thing about it!

Another beautiful capture by Corks
Kitty feeding a white squirrel!  What a find!

I love that my girls are such readers!
Any time. Any place.

I love taking pics with my girls... And I just love spending time with them.
They make incredible companions!
I love that we share the same eyes, right down to the color!
I took a very similar picture to this one a year ago and I think we have inadvertently started a tradition...
I think we will continue this each year so we can see how we age through the years.

I just love this picture, not that I think it's a particularly good picture...
But it does capture the essence of this precious child of mine!
Only Kitty would go feed squirrels with such a stylish handbag and outfit!
I love this offbeat child of mine!!!

#SelfPortrait Sunday

                                                                 TRUTH                                                                  DELICATE

I'm still working on Project#40 SelfPortrait project - to take #40 SelfPortaits in this year of me turning 40!
Each SelfPortrait has a theme, that I found in Misty Mawn's book called UnFurling and then some!
It took me a while to get going on this project but I am just loving the PhotoApping and Layering!
The objective - to hopefully find out a bit more about myself through my lens!


  1. Such lovely pictures. Love the look into your lives

  2. Great positive post - i also love LOVE that image of Kitty - that shows her inimitable sense of offbeat style. Aswell as the energy Corkz captured in the jump one.