Sunday, 20 October 2013

#InMyStudio - Madonna from Brussels...

 I'm addicted to seeing how my paintings evolve right in front of me... I'm always surprised!
As you can see from my draw up she isn't right at all!
I don't usually start painting until my draw up is more accurate...
But I had a feeling once I started laying down the paints - my eye would come right!
The middle image, you can see still isn't right but she's finding her way...
I was much happier with the third image, that's where I left her on Saturday night!
Inspired by a Renaissance Card that
Lorraine Lewis sent me from Brussels
I really love where she ended - and I absolutely love her hair.
The red detail on her dress - really did finish this piece off for me...
with the pattern of the wallpaper coming through.. just worked so perfectly!
Lorraine was right - I loved painting her!  Thank you my friend!
Digs was making me laugh when he was stealing shots of me #InMyStudio!


  1. oops ...the comment on the next post was for this post:):) LOL!!! Ditzy blonde thats me:):)

    1. Thank you so much Sandie - hahaha you are so sweet and I don't mind which post you write on! ;-) Thank you for your kind words!