Sunday, 20 October 2013

Wonderful weekend news...

Friday nights has become Corks and my Downton Abbey marathon night!  We are hooked!  We look at each other at the end of each episode and say... "one more".  I love that we are sharing this connection right now and I love that my girls love British drama as much as I do!  She forbade me to watch any episode without her... even though she was out most of the weekend!  I'm seriously a fan!  And I love that we get to think about and talk about the story and characters as though they are part of our family!  Love it!

Early Saturday morning I got an sms from my post office saying I had a customs parcel waiting for me... I was thrilled to find a delightful parcel from Lorraine Lewis and she had completely spoilt me and my girls!  I'm so blown away by her generosity!  I haven't always experienced kindness in my life but the community I have found online and had the honor of meeting some of these amazing people last year - have repeatedly shown me what kindness looks like!  So touched beyond words!  In my package Lorraine had found a beautiful renaissance card of the Madonna when she was in Brussels and encouraged me to paint her!  Well I couldn't resist!  I hadn't planned it... in fact, I wasn't feeling much like painting at all but I'm so glad I did... this is how she slipped out of my brush onto this exquisite piece of textured wallpaper...

What a joy this painting was for me...  Lorraine was right - I loved it!  I wanted to share this picture because you can see the size proportions of this piece.  Sometimes the photos of the paintings just don't do the size justice!  Excuse my painting jersey and little bit busy studio!  My paintings are piling up in the background!

This weekend was busy with much on the go.  This morning, I found myself alone with my beautiful Kitty girl!  I put my studio time on hold so we could have quality time together, so we decided to have a date morning.  I took her to the Loco for brekkie because some friends told me their coffee is excellent and their breakfasts were amazing!  Which was true!  Having quality conversation with is child of mine - is always a treat!  We didn't plan it but we spoke all morning about her dreams!  Wow - what an enriching conversation to have with a 12 year old!  She has the most compassionate heart!  I think we might have a future social worker on our hands! Precious stolen moments!

Happy to say I have my family all back together again tonight... we spent the evening watching Downton Abbey together! A wonderful weekend all round!


  1. Absolutely a wonderful job...I sooo want to be able to paint like you when I grow up:):)....LOL!!!! hugs

  2. What a lovely weekend you had! I just LOVE Downton Abbey! Waiting and waiting for next season to start.

    1. Me too Camilla - I think we are in for a shock