Monday, 28 October 2013

#InMyStudio... Peonie get's a face lift!

I did this painting 14 weeks ago.  I thought I liked it at the time but something wasn't right about her.  I have been looking at it every single day since and a little irritated by it.  I knew she had to change or go but wasn't sure how or when etc...

I was playing around #InMyStudio in the afternoon and after dinner I decided to try my hand at changing it... after all I had nothing to loose because if I couldn't get her right - she was going to the bin!

Step 1 and 2
The position of the blue scarf was annoying me.  Her face was too narrow making her eyes seem really close together and her nose was all wrong!  I grabbed my gesso (my fav art supply at the moment) and started covering up the area's I didn't like.  You can see on the 2nd picture - I already started reworking the eyelids and eyes, shadows and nose.  Also widening her face... a bit too much!  But hoping to find my way!

Step 3 and 4
I started putting the hair down so I could start finding the shape of her face with the hair in place.  The nose still wasn't right!  I wasn't opposed to the scarf on her head but just didn't like the way it was positioned too high on her head!  I worked the scarf back in, just more gentle and soft!  I also broadened her neck a bit and worked the background shadows again.  The position of where she's looking is also much better!  In Step 4 I am still not thrilled with the defined line of her bottom lip.  I have been working very hard on my eyelids and lips in general lately.

Final Step
I tweaked the nose and bottom lip and put in the little extra pieces of hair and softened the background around her scarf.  I have to say... I am beyond thrilled with her now! I'm also so blown away with her eyes and the intensity of them!
All I can say is that it's Sunday night and I'm going to bed with a full and happy heart!
Sleep tight!

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