Sunday, 27 October 2013

#InMyStudio - Wowser what a week....

My younger brother was here visiting this past week, for work.  Which was such a treat!  We are close and it's not everyday I have family visiting.  He loves to chat so there were many late nights catching up, dinners, chatting and listening to music.  I also had a massive undertaking dealing with our government departments, which is ever an easy feat!  My Drivers License expired, so I had to brave that Traffic Department and Home Affairs to finally, after almost 20 years of marriage, get my new ID document in my married name.  Long overdue!  Well when dealing with these two departments will make you understand why I put it on hold for almost 20 years!

I'm not sure how it was possible with all this going on and work and extra murals and life in general but I still managed to fit in 6 paintings this past week!  Three of which were homework assignments.  I can't tell you how thrilled I am about this.

That means almost everyday I did something creative!  Which you know just equals happy heart for me. 
When I see these all together like this... to me they are all so completely different.
Everyone says I have a very distinctive style - but I just can't see it!

More about each piece to follow...

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